Find a fly fishing reel to compliment that new rod.

In my opinion, the fly fishing reel only plays a significant role when fishing for big fish, where the drag and line retrieval can mean landing that trophy or snapping your leader. If you have just purchased a new fly rod, you may want to have a look at some of the fly reels below.

A lot of anglers are using the large arbor fly reels which are really great for getting the line on the reel during the fght. Anyone who has fought a line stripping fish with one of these reels knows what I'm talking about. Some things to look for in a quality fly fishing reel will be how it is put together. A good reel will be machined from a solid piece of aircraft grade aluminum alloy. The lesser quality fly fishing reel will be made from die-cast alloys.

For small fish, a fly fishing reel with a click-and-pawl drag system will work just fine. However, for the big, hard charging fish, a disc-drag reel with a large arbor would probably work better. Another thing to consider when buying a fly reel is whether or not you can buy an extra spool. These are really handy when you need to switch from floating to sinking line or vice-versa.

Overall, choosing a proper fly reel to match your rod is not rocket science. There are so many to choose from that sometimes you forget what really counts, that YOU like it. Take a look at some of the reels and prices that I have listed by clicking on a logo below.

cabela's fly reels

G Loomis fly reels

Okuma fly reels

Ross fly reels

Lamson fly reels