St Croix Fly Rods

St Croix fly rods have been on the seen since 1948. Like most of the older fly rod companies, they started out with bambo rods. Then, in 1956 came telescopic rods which eventually lead to the introduction of the 3-piece-travel St Croix fly rods. Like a lot of the big names in fly fishing, St Croix has developed its own technology for making their fly rods. Some innovative ideas like the IPC (integrated poly curve) and ART (advanced reinforcing technology) make these fly rods truly unique. The Legend Ultra rods are a terrific fly rod in terms of value and castability. The heavier rods like the 8 weight and up can really move line. Try one of these fly St Croix fly rods and you'll see what I mean. Read what the manufacturer has to say about their rods below. If you like what you see, click on one of the links to take you to my partner site. You can also read reviews on these rods if they're available.

Triumph: The Triumph fly rod from St. Croix has a moderate-fast action to accommodate fly-fishers of all abilities. Beginners will love the enhanced forgiveness. Experienced casters will praise the smooth-loading feel. Line weights 4-9. Comes in 2 or 4 pieces. Priced $90-120.

Premier: St. Croix Premier fly rods are crafted from premium SCII graphite; they offer a smooth moderate-fast action beginners in particular find pleasantly forgiving. Line weights 5,6, and 8. Comes in 2 or 4 pieces. Priced $90-120.

Reign: Built of premium SCII graphite, St. Croix's Reign rods offer a forgiving casting action and an amazing degree of feel at a price much lower than you'd expect. The buttery smooth moderate-fast actions will appeal to fly-casting veterans as well as newcomers. Each rod has aluminum-oxide stripper guides, hard chrome snake guides and premium-grade cork handles. Rods come with a 1,000-denier nylon-covered rod case with divided polypropylene liner. Line weights 4-6, and 8-9. Available in 2 or 4 piece models. All Reign rods are backed by St. Croix's limited lifetime warranty. Priced $130-160.

Imperial: Exactly how smart can someone be if they've spent an entire lifetime without fishing? Exactly. Sure, fishing is fun. But dig deeper and you find that outside of a handful of monasteries in the Himalayas, fishing also offers incomparable enlightenment. With this angling enlightenment comes a profound appreciation for the slower pace of the moderate-action these St. Croix fly rods. Slow casting strokes and lots of feel make them just right for technical spring creeks. The heavier line weights, the spey rods in particular, are adept at punching heavy, wind-resistant flies through the thickest of breezes. Line weights 3-10. 2 or 4 piece models. Priced $140-185.

Avid: These St Croix fly rods are for folks who fish every situation imaginable. Crafted from St. Croix's exclusive high-modulus SCIII graphite, Avid rods are versatile, moderate-fast fly rods that load smoothly and progressively down the blank for a silky casting stroke and exceptional feel. For everything from hatch matching on a gin-clear spring creek to chucking matukas on big water to fighting stripers off the beach, there is an Avid fly rod for the occasion. Line weights 5,6 8-10. Comes in 2,3, or 4 piece models. $180-400.

Legend Ultra: St. Croix Legend Ultra fly rods are one of the finest values in fly fishing today. Serious fishermen everywhere have quickly discovered that Legend Ultra fly rods look and perform as well as rods running around twice the price. Legend Ultra fly rods are made even smoother, faster and stronger by incorporating the same St. Croix IPC technology as the Legend EliteĀ® series. Line weights 5,6 8-10. Comes in 4 pieces. Priced $300-540.

Legend Elite: This is the newest addition to St Croix fly rods. Incorporating St. Croix's revolutionary Integrated Poly Curve technology, Legend Elite fly rods are designed with one continuous curve which eliminates weak spots. The result is mind-staggering cannon-like casting power coupled with a remarkable degree of feel. These St Croix fly rods are built from high-modulus, high-strain SCV graphite with carbon-matte scrim and outfitted with the absolute finest components available. Legend EliteĀ® fly rods also feature St. Croix's new slim-profile ferrule technology, which means slimmer and lighter ferrules that transfer power better than the old, larger ones. Line weights 5,6 8-10. Comes in 4 piece models. Priced $500-570.