Orvis Fly Reels

Orvis fly reels are some of the best known in the fly fishing community. Orvis Has been in the business for 150 years and when you use some their gear, you get the feeling they know what they're doing. Their saltwater reels are outstanding. I own one of the original Battenkill fly reels and have never had any complaints. I have also never done any maintenance on it. Have a look at the Vortex VO2. If you have the cash, you won't beat this reel with any competitor. Read what Orvis has to say about their reels and click on the links to go to their website.

Clearwater: This is the least expensive Orvis fly reel. A great eginner reel. Features include fully adjustable disc drag system, cast-metal frame, easy spool removal and quick conversion from right- to left-hand retrieve. For fly-line weights 2-9. Spare spools are available for $15. The reel itself costs only $39.

Rocky Mountain Large Arbor: The cast-aluminum reels incorporate an interchangeable cartridge system and other, high-performance features normally found on much more expensive fly reels. Offset adjustable disc-drag system similar to that used in our Battenkill Fly Reel series. Quick-change cartridge spool system. Leader keeper on the reel foot secures the leader when the reel is not in use, makes the end of the leader easy to locate when you next string-up. Easy left-hand to right-hand conversion. These Orvis fly reels are priced $79-$89. Spare spools are $19.

Battenkill Original: This Orvis fly reel is chosen by more fly fishermen than any other reel for one reason—value. All Battenkill fly reels are backed by the Orvis 100% guarantee of satisfaction. You can never lose your fly reel investment. When you compare price, features, and guarantee to any other fly reel on the market, there’s no question. This fly reel has a true disc drag, not inferior caliper The drag has a wide, easily adjustable range. The Battenkill Fly Reel has more drag surface. Easy fly reel conversion from right- to left-hand retrieve Precision-machined drag gear. Priced $79-$89. Spare spools are $30.

Battenkill Bar Stock: 20% lighter than legendary original Battenkill reels. Machined from bar stock 6262-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum for durability and low weight. Anodized black or titanium finishes are more durable than the painted finish on die-cast fly reels. Stainless steel gearing is durable and virtually maintenance-free. Adjustable Rulon® offset disc drag mechanism recognized as the most dependable in the industry. Easy switching from right-hand to left-hand operation Saltwater-proof. These Orvis fly reels are for fly line weights 2-12. Priced starts at $99-$129. Extra spools are $45-$65.

Battenkill Mid Arbor: Mid-arbor Orvis fly reel with 25% more backing capacity than Battenkill Large Arbor fly reels. Less fly line coiling than on standard arbor fly reels. Fly reel has center line disc drag and one-way clutch bearing. Fly reel has 720º adjustment range–60 indexed stops from free spool to dead stop–for total control. Glass composite drag surfaces provide cork feel and excellent tippet protection. Easy-to-grab drag knob. Machined from bar 6061 bar stock aluminum and is extremely durable and lightweight. Corrosion resistant, low maintenance, stainless-steel fly reel gearing. Saltwater-proof, durable, scratch-resistant, hard-anodized finish. Easily switches from right to left-hand retrieve. Price starts at $119-$129. Extra spools are $65-$75.

Battenkill Large Arbor: Offset disc drag system is dependable, almost maintenance-free and works wet or dry, in salt water or fresh. Large arbor fly reel design allows you to recover fly line in one-third the time. The 5/6 brings in 10.9" in one revolution compared to only 3.5" with a conventional fly reel. This Orvis fly reel features a machined lightweight aircraft-grade 6262-T6 bar stock aluminum frame. Lightweight design combats fatigue. Affordable and easily interchangeable spools allow fly fishermen to match fly fishing lines to a variety of fly fishing situations. Anodized finish is the hardest, most scratch-resistant finish method available. These Oevis fly reels come in fly-line weights 1-9. Priced at $159-$229. Extra spools are $59-$98.

CFO Disc Drag: The CFO fly fishing reel has been the choice of technical fly fisherman since 1971. Reengineered to be lighter, smoother, and tougher. Although this fly fishing reel is machined using the most modern of materials and state-of-the-art machining technology, the CFO® disc drag fly reel is a reverent nod to fly fishing tradition. The reel’s signature look and sound are synonymous for thousands of fly fisherman with great moments on the water. It matches as perfectly in spirit, looks and performance with Orvis Superfine® or bamboo fly rods as it does with our high-tech Zero-Gravity® fly rods. Priced at $179-$198. Extra spools are $109-$115.

Mach Large Arbor: Machined design is 35% lighter than the Orvis Vortex for all-day casting comfort and rod/reel system balance. Large arbor design provides twice the backing capacity as Orvis Battenkill Large Arbor V with nearly the same line retrieval rate, 11" per revolution. Standard arbor reels on average retrieve only 6" of line per revolution. Eight separate stainless steel to Broflon® drag surfaces provide smooth, tippet-protecting start-up, tremendous stopping power. Large drag knob features 630° indexed adjustment range that is numbered for reference so switching from fighting disc drag to stripping drag and back again is quick and easy. No tools needed to easily swap spools to load a different line for changing angling conditions. Hard anodized finish is embedded into the 6262-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum for durability. 100% corrosion-proof fly reel is easy to disassemble and clean. Easily switched from right- to left-hand retrieve. These Orvis fly reels are available in fly-line weights 4-13. Priced at $229-$269. Extra spools are $110-$145.

Vortex VO2 Disc Drag: The largest arbor diameter Orvis fly reel 65% more drag surface than competing fly reels The Vortex VO2 fly reel is machined from corrosion-resistant bar stock, aerospace-grade, 6262-T6 aluminum for durability and precision Sealed bearing system keeps corrosion, reduces maintenance The Vortex VO2 fly reel is 20% lighter and has 25% more capacity than the 2004 Vortex fly reel. Priced $525-$695. Extra spools are $169-$189.