Scott Fly Rods

Scott fly rods were founded by Harry Wilson in 1973. This company is an innovator in many different areas of the fly rod industry. The first 9' 4 weight was built by Scott in 1975. In 1983, Scott developed the first 5 piece graphite rod. It took almost 15 years before any competitors would follow suit. Scott Fly rods are some of the best out there. Read some of the descriptions below and see if its what you're looking for. If you're interested, please click on the links to go to my partner site. You can also read reviews on these rods if they're available.

V2: Hand built in America by expert rod craftsmen. Smooth actions let you feel the rod working and improve casting timing. High quality and components make these a true value. Available in 5 and 8 weights. Comes in 4 pieces. Priced $195.

A2: Budget minded Scott fly rods for fishing fanatics. Low swing weight. High line speed. Scott low profile sleeve ferrule. High strain graphite. Woven graphite reel seats with machined aluminum hardware (up to 6 weight). Bright anodized saltwater proof all aluminum uplocks (on 7 weight and above). Premium cork grips. Available in 3 and 8 weights. Comes in 4 piece models. Priced $295.

E2: Light, responsive fast action fly rods combine high line speed with light tips to help deliver precise casts in close. These rods incorporate the Scott hand fit sleeve ferrule, custom machined REC reel seats with bocote wood spacers, and super grade grips to deliver the finest in American craftsmanship-a perfect compliment to their high performance. Available in 3-9 weights. Comes in 2 or 4 piece models. Priced $495.

F Series: Scott calls these rods the F Series for Fibertouch. A sort of hybrid between the old bamboo rods and the early fiberglass generation. These are full flexing fly rods that offer a gentle casting feel and are ideal for the small creek enthusiast. Line weights 1-4. Comes in 3 piece models. Priced $525.

G2: The new Scott G2 fly rod is a modernization of an old classic. The guys at Scott Fly Rods took what was once THE classic dry fly rod, stepped it up with new materials and modern design to develop a dry fly rod that give you, the angler, the control of where your fly is going. Yes, it is still the sweet, soft casting rod but now it has the punch needed to be as technical as you want. Yes, it still has the tippet protection of old, but it has the muscle to control any drift pattern you can find. The new G2 fly rod is more than just a tightened up G series, it is a rod of purpose and that purpose is to catch trout. Line weights 2-7. Comes in 4 pieces. Priced $675.

S4: These Scott Fly Rods were a re-design of the S3. This is a great casting, fast-action fly rod. Great for a gentle toss of that delicate dry, and strong enough to handle the heavier streamers in the current. Available in 3-8 weights. Comes in 4 piece models. Priced $675.

X2S: Extremely powerful saltwater rods designed to cast in the windiest of conditions. Able to easily be fished with a heavy sinking tip and those giant slatwater flies. Designed to be able to load easily for close casts, while also supporting the high line speeds needed for longer distances. Comes in line weights 6-10. All models are 4 pieces. Priced $650.

S3S: These are big game saltwater fly rods designed to generate high line speeds and toss big heavy flies and line in the toughest salty conditions. Fast action taper flexes smoothly along the entire rod. This is a great casting rod and would be a great addition to any fisherman's saltwater arsenal. Available in 6, 8, 10, and 15 weights. Comes in 4 piece models except for the 15 weight which is a 3 piece. Priced $625(15wt), $675 for the others.

Bamboo: One doesn't just start making bamboo fly rods, and Scott Fly Rod Company knows that. They've joined forces with award winning cane fly rod master builder Bernard Ramanauskas to bring you some of the finest bamboo rods found anywhere. See for yourself. Limited quantity. Only available in 3 and 4 weights. Priced $2650