Ross Fly Reels

Ross fly reels are one of the finest fly reels on the market. Their products have been awarded more industry awards than any other fly tackle manufacturer in the world! All Ross fly reels are fully machined from 6061 - T6 aircraft quality aluminum. Ross reels are guaranteed for life against workmanship defects. If you want one of the best fly reels in the world made right here in the USA, please check out these awesome reels.

Flywater: This is the newest model of Ross reels. These reels have a cast-aluminum frame and spool that are ventilated to reduce weight, and powder-coated for protection against the elements. They feature advanced disc-drag systems that produces perfect, controlled and repeatable drag settings as well as a smooth transition between line-in and drag engagement. Pleasant incoming and outgoing audible click. Easy conversion from left-hand to right-hand retrieve. Quick-release locking spool with exposed rim for palming. Priced $59-$79. Spare spools are $19-$31.

Flycast: This is the most affordable series of Ross fly reels. Self-lubricating, synthetic drag system is virtually maintenance-free and is based on a time-proven design to be smooth and dependable every time out. Seamless transition between line-in and drag engagement assures you of no startup friction. Manufactured of 6061-TG aircraft-quality aluminum with a corrosion-resistant electrostatic coating. Quick-release locking spool with an exposed rim for palming. Easy left-hand to right-hand retrieve conversion. Priced $60-$75. Spare spools cost $30-$39.

Cimarron: This precision-machined Ross fly reel has a fully ventilated, perfectly balanced spool and frame. The Delrin™ disc-drag system is strong, smooth, sensitive and durable, and there's a soft, audible click on line in and out. Large accessible drag knob for simple adjustments. The exposed rim allows easy pressure to be added to bring hard-charging fish under control. The frame is machined from the finest aluminum and stainless steel alloys with an anodized finish to withstand the rust and corrosion hazards inherent in fishing freshwater and saltwater. Rugged one-piece bar-stock aluminum frame. The spool turns on oil-impregnated bronze bushings for smooth operation. Converts from right to left-hand with the twist of a ring. Lifetime guarantee. Made in USA. These Ross fly reels are priced $150-$190. An extra spool will run you $78-$110. These reels come in slate gray and black finishes.

Cimarron Large Arbor: This Ross fly reel series carries the name of one of Ross' oldest, and most popular series, however the CLA is a departure from the original Cimarron design. This new series matches the Cimarron in durability and affordable price, but offers a stronger drag, large arbor configuration, innovative conversion mechanism and additional features that anglers have come to expect with modern fly reel design. The CLA features a strong, smooth and sensitive disc drag system with friction-based Delrin® drag material that is impervious to heat, compression, glazing, aging and crumbling. The transition between line-in and drag engagement (no start-up friction) is seamless. This Ross fly reel also has a fully ventilated, perfectly balanced spool and frame. Priced $160-$180. SPare spools will cost you between $84 and $146.

Rhythm: Rhythm series large-arbor fly reels are loaded with Ross' renowned technological advances for the performance and durability you demand, and at affordable prices. Rhythm reels have strong, smooth disc-drag systems with three backup systems for dependability in the toughest fishing conditions. The friction-based Delrin® drag material is impervious to heat, compression, aging and crumbling. And the self-lubricating drag system never needs maintenance. Incredible lightweight design is achieved by using a fully ventilated, perfectly balanced spool and frame. The benefits of large-arbor technology are maximized by a perfect ratio of arbor diameter to spool width in each different model. A seamless transition between line-in and drag engagement eliminates startup friction. Made in USA. These Ross fly reels are priced $190-$240. Spare spools are $99-$125.

Evolution: Lightweight and sturdy, Ross developed the Evolution series to give you the finest performance from 1 weight through 6 weight rods. These large arbor Ross fly reels boast a drag system that's not only durable, but precise, sensitive and capable of protecting the lightest tippets even when tackling big fish. Machined from bar stock aluminum, they have a fully ventilated, balanced spool and frame and an incoming and outgoing click. You get a seamless transition between the line-in and drag engagement, so there's no start-up friction. Saltwater approved, these innovative new reels have a lifetime guarantee. Priced $265-$345. Spare spools run between $138 and $180.

Canyon Big Game: The Canyon provides all the benefits of wide-arbor technology, such as quick retrieve, manageable line coil and, the main concept behind large-arbor technology, drag consistency on long runs. Consistent drag can only be accomplished by increasing spool width, which minimizes change in hub diameter as line strips. These Ross fly reels are fully machined from aviation-grade aluminum and anodized to eliminate corrosion, even in saltwater. Reliable friction-based disc drag system with a large knob for easy adjustment under all conditions. The high-capacity, quick-release spool easily converts for right- or left-handed retrieve and has an exposed rim for palming. The Canyon is Guaranteed for life. Priced $375-$555. Extra spools are $195-$290.