Sage Fly Rods

Sage fly rods are some of the best fly rods available today. Made with some of the best graphite on the planet, these fly rods provide outstanding power and durability. Not to mention Sage's lifetime warranty. My Discovery Series (older rod) rod broke in my truck tailgate and it was replaced for free, less shipping and handling. So I can vouch for the warranty. Some of the rods listed below may not be available at retail stores but need to be mentioned because they are still great fly rods. Read what Sage has to say about their rods below. If you're interested in Sage fly rods, you can click on the link to go to one of my partner sites. You can also read reviews on these rods if they're available.

Launch: The three years spent developing G5 Technology clearly demonstrated that the key to better casting is the ability to feel the rod load. So when Sage designed the new Launch Series rods, they applied what they learned to create a smooth, progressive power curve and an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio. Loosely translated, that means Launch Series rods provide an exceptional level of line connection or feel, allowing anglers of all abilities to cast better and more easily. And because they're Sage fly rods, every Launch Series rod is hand built on Bainbridge Island with wood reel seat inserts, chromeplated snake guides and high-grade Portuguese cork grips. Comes in line weights 3-9 and 4 piece models. Priced $170-200.

FLI: The new FLi Series of Sage fly rods are simply great. Designed with the analysis methods developed for G5 Technology, the FLi Series rods combine a fast-action taper with an incredibly smooth power curve. Which means you'll be able to generate high line speed and still feel the rod loading for maximum power transfer and efficiency. The result? You'll naturally and intuitively cast better when the pressure's on. FLi Series rods are built with a wider-diameter, thin-walled blank construction for fast recovery and lighter weight, and feature resin-impregnated wood reel seat inserts, Britishmade snake guides and high-grade Portuguese cork grips. Just what you'd expect from a Sage Rod. Line weights 3-10. Comes in 2 or 4 piece models. Priced $245-425.

VPS: The VPS Series of Sage fly rods give you the famous Sage action and high quality at a more affordable price.Designed with a quick-loading, medium-fast action and made with Graphite III, the VPS Series rods combine high-performance with a forgiving timing window for easy casting. This year, Sage fly rods expanded the VPS lineup to feature 21 models, covering an even wider range of angling situations, from elegant presentations with tiny flies to the knuckle-busting power of stripers or redfish. They also offer the VPS Series two-handed model, a traditional Spey action rod, in the most popular length and line weight. Line weights 3-10. Comes in 2 or 4 piece models. Priced $290-350.

VPS Light: VPS Light Series rods feature a medium action that's designed specifically for anglers who prefer a more relaxed, open casting style. Available in line weights 3 through 5 and a variety of lengths, VPS Light rods are perfect for any situation where accuracy and stealth are at a premium. The smooth taper loads easily at close range and protects light tippets, allowing for delicate presentations that won't spook selective fish. A favorite among spring creek and small freestone enthusiasts everywhere. Line weights 3-5. Comes in 3 piece models only. Priced $305-330.

VT2: This brand new Sage fly rod provides a light sensitive feel with ultra smooth performance. These fly rods come in a variety of non-original lengths to suit your particular application. All of these rods share a beautiful blue finish, anodized-aluminum reel seats and hard chrome-plated guides. Freshwater rods sport an ebony wood reel seat insert while the saltwater models are entirely corrosion-resistant aluminum. Comes inine weights 3-10 and only available in 4 piece models. Priced $385-415.

TXL: TXL Series of Sage fly rods feature ultra-light snake guides, a unique, round tip-top guide and a micro-stripping guide to enhance performance and keep weight to an absolute minimum. A finely crafted, nickel-silver reel seat with a Vera wood insert and six-inch cigar-style grip complement and perfectly balance the golden olive shaft. Comes in line weights 00-4. Available in 3 piece models. Priced $495-505.

SLT Series: SLT has earned generous praise from both new buyers and dyed-in-the-wool fans of its predecessor, the famed SP. Unbelievably light, the classic, medium-fast taper and silky-smooth action will delight anglers who prefer a longer, more relaxed casting rhythm, yet demand the highest level of performance. SLT rods feature the latest slim-line ferrule technology, allowing Sage to build a series of 2-piece, 3-piece, 4-piece and 5-piece rods that flex so smoothly, you may forget there are any ferrules at all. At the same time, every SLT rod is made with Graphite IIIe, for the high line speed and power you need to feel comfortable in any fishing situation. If you're looking for the ultimate blend of elegance, finesse and performance, this series of Sage fly rods is without peer. Line weights 3-8. Available in 2,4, or 5 piece models. Priced $510-640.

XP: Pick up one of the fast action XP rods and the first thing you'll notice is the almost magical lightness in your hand. Fish an XP and, simply put, it will come alive. Designed for anglers with a quick, compact casting stroke, the XP Series rods load quickly, generate tremendous line speed and pick up large amounts of line with ease. Wind? No problem. Heavy sink-tips? Perfect. Bulky flies? Bring 'em on. But don't be deceived by the power of these rods made with Graphite IIIe, giving them exceptional sensitivity for more delicate work as well. Spend a little time with an XP, and you'll see why the instrument of choice whenever crisp, precise line control is a must. Whether you're sliding a #22 trico on 7X into a distant feeding lane, quick-firing hoppers in a bouncing drift boat or tossing industrial-strength shooting heads to cruisers, XP rods are the standard by which all other fast-action fly rods are judged. Line weights 2-10. 2 or 4 piece models. Priced $515-615.

Z-Axis: This is a brand new line of Sage fly rods for 2007. Sage spent years researching every inch of the rod blank using exclusive analysis software. The goal was to eliminate all unnecessary material and weight. Take one and start firing and you'll agree these rods are light, strong and easier to cast for anglers of all skill levels. Each blank incorporates the next level of Sage's Generation 5 Technology. Aligned Fiber Technology replaces traditional glass hoop fibers with lighter, more responsive graphite. This improvement is combined with new construction techniques to align and compress these Sage fly rods for maximum strength. Z-Axis rods produce previously unattainable levels of line feel, response and performance. Comes in line weights 3-10 and available in 2 or 4 pieces. Priced $585-820.

Xi3: Nowhere is line control, accuracy and line-lifting power more important than in saltwater. Sage has met that challenge head-on with its Xi3 fly rods. The rods have a proprietary blank/taper design utilizing SaltH2O technology. In English, that means fast, saltwater actions, specific salt-resistant components and unmatched power and fish-fighting capabilities. The rods specialize in pinpoint casts at any distance, lifting long lines utilizing exceptional torque and changing direction in a blink of an eye, even while driving long, accurate casts into a brisk salt breeze. To do all this requires torsional resistance and the ability of the rod to rebound instantaneously. That is the Xi3's forte. Using Sage's G5 construction, material is placed strategically in the butt section for more power and more sensitivity in the tip. The Modulus Positioning System varies the modulus rating along every inch of the rod, which means maximum performance and reduced weight. Sage finished the job by using FujiĀ® hard chrome-plate stripping guides with AlconiteĀ® ceramic inserts for durability and wear resistance. Guides are oversized for ease of line movement. Salt-safe black anodized reel seats and knurled lock rings secure reels. Full wells handles and EVA-capped fighting butts. Blanks are a striking Pacific blue with cobalt primary wraps highlighted with electric-blue accents. It's beauty and the beef. Powder-coated aluminum tube with cloth bag. Sage unconditional lifetime warranty. Line weights 8-10, and 12. Comes in 4 piece only. Priced $700-750.

TCX: The fastest-action rods in the Sage lineup aim to redefine what is possible from a fly rod. These are hot rods built for pure speed. Those who unleash the ultrafast action are rewarded with awe-inspiring distance and jaw-dropping looks from nearby anglers. Advanced Generation 5 technology combined with a radical new series of tapers accelerate line speed beyond the limits of competing rods. Sage rod designer Jerry Siem also enhanced line feel and feedback. This means intuitively better timing and a new level of casting ease from a series of ultrafast-action fly rods. Available in line weight 4-10. Comes in 4 piece models. Priced $780-865.

ZXL: New for 2008, these Sage fly rods are significantly lighter, stronger, and easier to cast with their smooth progressive taper. Using the innovative G5 process, Sage was able to remove every bit of extra material from these blanks. They have replaced traditional glass hoops with lighter, stronger, graphite. These rods are available in line weights 3-6 and come in 4 pieces. Prices starting at $655.