Cabelas Fly Reels

Choose from this impressive list of Cabela's Fly Reels. I have the LSR in a 7-8 weight and couldn't be happier. Good value on some of these reels and from my experience, good quality. Cabela's has some excellent customer service so shop with confidence.

Prestige: The Prestige fly reel has a rugged cast aluminum spool and frame that gives it tremendous strength without extra weight, so you can comfortably fish all day. The disc drag system adjusts through a wide drag range and the palming rim allows for extra drag when needed. And, these Cabelas fly reels easily convert from right to left-handed retrieve. Two available models in this reel. Line weights 5,6,7 and 7,8,9. Both feature a matte black finish. Spare spools cost $16.99 and the reel is $29.99.

Prestige plus: A new disc-drag system sports a cork drag washer and adjusts to a wider range of settings. The cast-aluminum frame has an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio, and the new midarbor design yields plenty of backing capacity for battling long-running fish. The molded, paddle-style handle and large drag-adjustment knob round out the features on this exceptional Cabelas fly reel at an amazingly low price. Extra spools also are available for $24.99. The reel itself costs $49.99.

CSR: (Cast Speed Retrieve) These are some nice fly fishing reels that won't break the bank. They have a RulonĀ® disc-drag system that is sealed to keep out dust and debris. And the drag system offers a wide drag range controlled by a large, easy-to-adjust, knurled knob. The cast-aluminum frames and spools are fully machined to reduce the overall weight and to maximize the strength and integrity of the design. Spools have a large-arbor design that is wide enough to accommodate the backing you'll need in each different model. Oversized, paddle-style handles are easy to grasp and control. Easily converts from right-hand to left-hand retrieve. Available in four sizes to handle everything from a 3-weight line to a 10-weight line. Extra spools for theses reels are $39. The reel costs $75.

cabelas fly reels

LSR: The LSR (Lightweight Speed Retrieve) Cabelas fly Reels are the perfect match for today's lightweight, high-performance fly rods. They have skeletonized frames and ported spools that are made from durable, fully machined aluminum. And the carbon-fiber disc-drag systems dissipate heat evenly and are sealed to prevent dirt and debris from affecting performance. A wide range of drag tension is easily managed with a large, knurled knob. Large-arbor spools sport a wide design that increases backing capacity. Oversized, paddle-style handles are easy to grip. And the two-tone silver and gloss-black finish presents the polished look of a reel costing hundreds of dollars more. Easily converts from right-hand to left-hand retrieve. Available in five sizes to match rods from 1 wt. to 10 wt. Spools have a quick release lever to make for easy line change. Spare spools are $70-$85 and the reels are priced $145-$165.

SLA: (Super Large Arbor)The advantages of SLA reels include faster line retrieve for quicker line pickup, reduced line coil off the reel and more consistent drag performance through the entire length of line and backing. A Great looking reel, lightweight T-6061 machined-aluminum construction and reliable Teflon and cork disc drag round out this fly-fishing marvel. It has a quick-release spool and is easily reversible from right- to left-hand retrieve. Line weights 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8. Spare spools are $82-$$97. Reels are priced $165-$195.

Cabelas fly reels

SR: (Speed Retrieve) These Cabelas fly reels boast an extremely large arbor and a carbon-fiber disc drag. Great for freshwater and inshore saltwater fishing conditions. Quick-release spool for quick line changes. The large arbor on these Cabelas fly reels dramatically enhances retrieve rate while decreasing line memory, and the extra-wide spool increases line capacity so you don't have to skimp on backing. Oversized carbon-fiber drag system has a one-way clutch bearing for flawless, instant engagement. Two ball bearings offer silky-smooth operation. They also have a large drag adjustment knob and silent retrieve. Converts from left to right-hand retrieve. Three sizes are available to cover a wide range of conditions. Includes reel pouch. Spare spools are $85-$95. The reel itself costs $174-$204.