Powell Fly Rods

Powell Fly Rods have been around for 95 years. Of course they started out making bamboo fly rods like most of the older companies. Today they make fly rods with some of the most advanced technology in the industry. Have a look at the Tiboron II series. These rods are probably the best rods for distance casting available in the industry. These are really powerful fly rods and worth some serious consideration. See what Powell has to say about their fly rods below or read some reviews from other fisherman. If you're interested in Powell fly rods, you can click on the link to go to my partner site the The Sierra Trading Post. They offer the Tiboron Series, the Advantage XL, and the Edge Series rods on this site and the savings are awesome. Go to Powell's web site if you're interested in another.

Advantage XL: Moderately fast blank, these Powell fly rods come with a translucent dark blue blank. Blue main wraps and metallic silver trim. Polished hard chrome sic stripping and polished chrome snake guides. Wire hook keeper and up-locking and machined aluminum reel seat with maple wood insert reversed. Half wells grip on 3 through 6 weight rods. Aluminum log barrell reel seat and full wells grip with 1" fighting butt on 8 weight rods. Available in line weights 3-6, 8 and 9. Comes in 4 piece models. 9'0" 5 weight available in 5 piece. Priced $132-189.

TiMax Series: This fast action fly rod series utilizes a material called 'Maxumfiber'. This is a high generation modulus graphite material. Translucent black blank. Black main wraps and titanium and metallic green trim. Ti-carbide sic stripping and light wire snake guides. Up-locking anodized ti-graphite reel seat. Available in 3-10 and 12 line weights. All models are 4 piece. The 9'0" 5 weight comes in a 5 piece model. Unconditional lifetime warranty. Priced $195-279.

Tiboron II: The name, 'Tiboron' is a derivative of the unique space aged materials used in its construction and assembly, Titanium and Boron. Translucent black blank with Powell armor coat finish. Black main wraps and titanium and metallic blue trim. SIC stripping and light wire snake guides. Uplocking anodized ti-graphite reel seat. Available in 3-10 and 12, 14 line weights. Comes in 4 piece models. Unconditional lifetime warranty. Priced $499-599.

Edge Series: This is a fast action fly rod. High modulus graphite technology. Up-locking nickel silver reel seat and Amboyna wood insert on trout rods. The saltwater rods have an all-aluminum mortised barrel; twin knurled up-locking nut with recessed O-rings configuration and fighting butt. The snake guides are recoil guides made of a nickel titanium memory alloy that are flexible, yet hard enough for the toughest conditions and won't corrode in any environment. These guides will return to their normal shape after repeated deformations that can occur while traveling, banging around in boats or dropped on rocks. In addition, the stripping guides are made of the same nickel titanium alloy. These rods comes in line weights 4,5,8, and 10. These Powell fly rods are available in only 4 piece models. Priced $595.