Thomas and Thomas Fly Rods

Thomas and Thomas fly rods are another superb brand of fly rods. These rods pack exceptional power along with smooth balance and beautiful design. I own a Light Presentation 4 weight and would have to say that this is probably my favorite light fly rod. It fishes greatin small streams where delicate casts are a must. A friend of mine also uses a Vector series and has nothing but rave reviews. Read what Thomas and Thomas has to say about their rods.

XL-4: Highly affordable, highly portable; these four piece rods fill the needs of the skilled angler who seeks a rod which meets budget selective criteria. While comparable in price to many imports, the XL-4 rods proudly wear the "Made in U.S.A." title. All of these Thomas and Thomas fly rods are four-piece construction. Line weights 3-6 are fitted with western grip and up-locking reel seats with wooden inserts. Heavier line weights are fitted with a full wells grip, salt proof reel seat and fighting butt. Line weights 3-6, and 8. Comes in 4 piece models. Priced $375-395.

Light Presentation: In fly fishing, sometimes the most delicate situations present the greatest challenge. Consider large trout sipping tiny flies in the crystal clear water of a spring creek, or fish locked into a tight feeding lane on the far bank of a trout stream. You need accuracy, delicacy and a light presentation. These rods are as light, efficient and delightful to cast as any that you may have ever tried before. Utilizing a small diameter shaft that cuts through the air with little resistance, LPS tapers are extraordinarily graceful and pleasant to cast. These quick loading Thomas and Thomas fly rodshave an inherent strength to reach out great distances when needed, these rods are as accurate as any ever made. You can almost feel them put the fly where you will it. LPS rods feature beautiful deep blue graphite with our exclusive LFF (low friction finish) and low profile sleeve-over ferrule design. Rods 7 feet and longer are fitted with an up-locking anodized reel seat, tiger maple insert and western grip. Models 563, 603 and 663 feature a cap and ring reel seat. Line weights 2-6. 2 or 3 piece models. Priced $435-585.

Horizon II: For more than a decade, the Horizon series has been the stalwart of the Thomas and Thomas fly rods lineup; the rods of choice for a large number of T&T fans. These are the anglers who will fish "nothing but a Horizon"; to whom rod selection is narrowed to one choice!It is difficult to improve upon such a rod, yet this was made possible through the use of Thomas and Thomas' BAFT (Bi-Angular Fiber Technology) graphite system. Previously utilized in the design of our Helix rod series, this technology overwhelmingly proved to be a formula for improvement in any rod taper. The new Horizon II series uses our proven Horizon tapers with the added benefit of the Thomas and Thomas fly rods BAFT Technology. So, voila; a brighter Horizon. They have just made a great rod better; a perfect rod with improved strength and performance. Line weights 3-16. 2 or 4 piece models. Priced $525-785.

Helix: The Helix series of Thomas and Thomas fly rods incorporate T&T's BAFT graphite system, a new matrix of fiber orientation, which enables the design of fly rods with increased strength power and lightness. Built to achieve light swing weight and ultra-sure trajectories, they also meet today's needs for portability. All Helix rods are of four-piece construction and fitted with appropriate reel seats to meet salt and freshwater situations. Line weights 3-6 are offered with a western grip and 7-10 feature the full wells grip. For species diversity and portability, Helix does it all. Line weight 3-10. Comes in 4 piece only models. Priced $600-660.

Paradigm: The action of these Thomas and Thomas fly rods reaches back to the poetry of flycasting. Spring creek afficianados have described them as having the ability to "paint the fly on the water." These are the rods for the discriminating flyfisher...the angler who delights in the art of presenting flies to wary trout on oft-times gossamer tippets. A progressive taper with extreme tip sensitivity and full-flex action are the hallmarks of T&T's Paradigm Series fly rods. These rods are designed to load effortlessly while generating smooth, narrow loops in the full range of casting distances. Whether you are laying down a size 18 dry fly with a whisper or dead-drifting nymphs in deep currents, this fly rod will produce results. State-of-the-art technology allows Thomas and Thomas to build the Paradigm with unparalleled durability and light weight. Specially crafted, ultra-smooth stripping guides help add critical distance to your presentations. A signature silver wire adorns the distinctive T&T blue graphite just above the grip.Line weights 1 and 2 are furnished with the classic cap and ring fitting and a cork insert. Line weights 3-6 are provided with a polished uplocking reel seat plus bubinga wood spacer and western grip. Comes in 2 or 3 piece models. Priced $640-715.

Vagabond Briefcase: A rod you can take anywhere, the Vagabond is designed in multiple 15" sections that slip easily into a standard briefcase or overnight bag. Yet, they handle with the ease and smoothness of a two-piece rod. Features include an up-locking reel seat with hardwood insert and Western grip. Line weights 4/5 and 5/6. Comes in 7 or 8 pieces. Priced $785-795.

Vector Suitcase: These Thomas and Thomas fly rods are designed to fit in any carry-on compatible suitcase. They combine the benefit of packability with full performance expectations. Line weights 3-12. Comes in 3 and 6 piece models. Priced $685-800.